Gun Crazy Presentation: Reflection

01|03|2017 Week 5 Our presentation for Gun Crazy has come and gone and I feel as a group we did really well! We had a lot of information that we wanted to get across and it's always a challenge to do this within a time frame. I think personally I didn't do as well in … Continue reading Gun Crazy Presentation: Reflection



28|02|2017 Week 5 I am super proud at how our artefact came together! The team really put in effort from all ends and it seems through close planning and constant contact, our group was able to create something we could be proud of! Adieu Gun Crazy! You've been a blast in the past.


27|02|2017 Week 5 Final massive .jpeg is the final version and will be submitted for the assignment, but due to its colossal size it murdered google chrome and won't upload, so this screenshot will have to do!



24|02|2017 Week 4 LICENCE PLATE I designed and put together this mock licence-plate-with-a-bullet-through-it as part of our installment piece, firstly I rewatched to movie to make note of the bank getaway car & licence plate that was mentioned in the film by the police which was:  "Blue Zidane, 1949 13X572" I looked into California License … Continue reading ARTEFACT: LICENCE PLATE, MUGS AND BALLROOM TICKET


Artefact work in progress images & map plan

18|02|2017 Week 3 Left: Remastered newspaper screenshots from the film Right: FBI reports from the film (were originally too blurry to screenshot and remaster so Ryan downloaded a typewriter font and I recreated these with the font)   MAP TO BE USED ON CORKBOARD: Red Yarn plan based on locations mentioned in the film: [EDIT, … Continue reading Artefact work in progress images & map plan


CHARACTER PORTRAITS: Research for styles, finished pieces

20|02|2017 Week 4 I'm creating stylised portraits of the film's 6 main characters for our schematic (and possibly for the artefact too if we need more hand-drawn stuff). These will run along the left-hand side of the schematic and will tie in with Michael's icons for different points of the plot. Artist's I looked at: … Continue reading CHARACTER PORTRAITS: Research for styles, finished pieces


Pompeii Project: Week 3, Youtube Links

15|02|2017 Week 3 You could really get lost in the amount of documentaries that are available on Pompeii, especially on youtube. (There's also a song by Bastille, and an episode of Doctor Who involving Pompeii, or so we've been told a grand total of times.) Youtube documentaries I've had a look at: Pompeii: The Talking … Continue reading Pompeii Project: Week 3, Youtube Links