Pompeii Project: Week 3, Youtube Links

Week 3

You could really get lost in the amount of documentaries that are available on Pompeii, especially on youtube. (There’s also a song by Bastille, and an episode of Doctor Who involving Pompeii, or so we’ve been told a grand total of times.)

Youtube documentaries I’ve had a look at:
Pompeii: The Talking Walls
The Real Pompeii
The Lost City of Pompeii

Aside from using these documentaries to expand our knowledge, I’ve been particularly interested in the feeling that these documentaries try to evoke about Pompeii. Obviously it’s a famous historical tragedy, but portrayals of Pompeii seem to sway away from something sad and more towards something scary. Which I find really interesting.

I really like this about the documentaries I’ve looked at on Pompeii, that there seems to be a mutual response to display the tragedy as something ominous and ghostly rather than a natural tragic event caused by nature. I’m interested in playing with this idea in our own portrayal of Pompeii, to add a sense of eeriness and maybe personify the volcano as something with a spiritual control over the dead City, or perhaps the feeling of life still residing in the lost forms of the City like it’s haunted by lost souls.

We were hugely inspired by > this animation < that my dad had introduced me to a couple of years ago, and which Clare posted again in the group chat. It basically documents the devastation of one scene of Pompeii over a 24-hour period and it does this in a really captivating way. It displays the time periods throughout which creates a fantastic sense of tension and apprehension for what horrific scene is about to be shown next.



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