Head Topology Model: REFLECTION


This module has helped me apply my skills to the technical aspects of animation that I have not been confident at before. It has been extremely rewarding to explore the more diverse ways in which to go about programmes like Maya and Mudbox, and I found myself enjoying these pieces of software more than I originally thought I would.

I found the “Floating City” task one that was quite daunting as it involved using tools and techniques that were totally alien to me. However, Alec has been a fantastic tutor, extremely patient and always keen to help make Maya easy to get used to. It was great to explore our first real attempt at modelling through a task that we had the freedom to go any direction with. My team chose Pompeii, and it was great to learn about the statistics of the City in this way all the while being creative in our presentation of them.

During the “Head Topology Model” aspect of this module, we could experience 3D sculpture. I really enjoyed this as it was a chance to approach the software with a more Fine Art feel. I tend to feel creatively held back by the technical correctness that is necessary for the use of 3D software. During this part of the module we had the chance to experience MudBux. Its 3D sculpt tools were like Maya but much broader and this was a great piece of equipment to use. Applying the topology was tricky but I could really appreciate the need for correct topology when it comes to actual animation and finalising 3D sculpts. The task was difficult in parts and I am not 100% satisfied with my final model. Despite this I have learned so much and will gladly take the experience into future Maya projects.


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