15 Second Animation: “Fitting In” Second/Final Edit & Reflection



So we were advised on a couple changes by Conánn, Yuan and Mike. The guts of which was to change up the lighting (box and room moonlight) and some of the shots that were confusing. Other things were changed too, some animation was tweaked and some of these sorts of things went a little crazy on us (some renders went funny), and things were rearranged within the scene, so time was taken to correct all that.

This time around, making changes didn’t result in the same amount of fun for the team. Definitely not for me. I don’t think I speak for just myself when I say we were feeling overworked, stressed.

That’s not to say a great job wasn’t done and some beautiful changes weren’t made, because it was, and there were. I like to think this was a consequence of a lot of stress mixed with a tight deadline and a lack of sleep and self-care all round!

I know that I didn’t contribute as much as I would have liked too in the end, which I understand is a lot of my own fault. Though I do feel I did as much as the dynamic would allow. I know there were times I turned to my personal work because I needed to regain control over something, group work is hard!

I’m really proud of my team, despite, in the end, feeling a little worn by the project for all reasons. We have a beautiful outcome. So much hard work was done and I hope my team know how talented and dedicated they are, they really did themselves proud.


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