Lifedrawing Week 10 Blog Assignment: Br’er Rabbit, FINAL DESIGNS


Here are my further Br’er Rabbit designs! He was tricky to design as I wanted him to look mischievous and not the most trustworthy, but at the same time make this come across in a playful was so as to not make him look like a villain! He comes across this way in the Br’er Rabbit tales, as sort of an anti-hero. I really looked into finding a design that was both personable and possessed character.

brer design


Some of the traits of this design feature a Penny Monocle that Br’er Rabbit holds in his eye on occasion, this is a reference to the great deal of theft he does in the Blyton Tales.

To give a suggestion of a history, Br’er Rabbit’s left ear appears to have been torn off half if not all the way. As well as this if I were to put this character to life, I would have him bounce off one leg more-so than the other as if to have a limp. I also plan to do some further drawings where he stands heavier on one leg than the other.

Some test drawings, working with his proportion:


Squash and Stretch face!












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