15 Second Animation: “Fitting In” First Edit


Here is our first final product towards our animated short! It ended up longer than 15 seconds. (though it kinda always was, I just got into the habit of calling it 15)

I love this completed piece! I feel as though we all learned so much and despite complications, were all able to contribute and make our mark on the project. There are pieces of everyone that can be clearly seen in this first final edit and I’m really proud of what the team have produced!

Honest reflection? It’s not perfect, but when it comes to combining minds to make a group piece it isn’t going to be perfect! “Perfect” isn’t everyone’s vision of something, and in this, we can see that everyone had a part to play!

The lighting and quality is very grainy and dusty looking, I personally thought this was cool, there was never any intention in my mind to make it super realistic and close to life. Our time rendering was an issue as we physically couldn’t have completed this on time if we rendered at 1080p HD so it’s 720pHD, and that played a part on the grainy-ness. I imagine we’ll be told to make changes on the lighting!


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