15 Second Animation: Class Lecture (04/04/2017), 12 Principles of Animation: Things to Remember for Animation.

Week 12

Mike & Conánn

There isn’t 12? Some are the same.

> Squash & Stretch
>Straight ahead action & pose to pose
>Follow through & overlapping action
>Slow in slow out
>Secondary action
>Solid drawing

Squash & stretch is a vehicle to get passed a camera problem. It’s a conversation between the camera and the character.

Squash is easy and stretch is hard! Stretch is also last in modern 3D animation

There is an important relationship between staging and anticipation. Every action has a pre-action (not a reaction).

Animators pick up and exaggerate the cues before a movement.

The movement shows character! > don’t all move the same way, movement not just with physics but with personality.

How would an angry person throw a ball? How would a nervous person look around a room?

Staging CONTINUITY > Ben Affleck and his scarf!

Pose to pose and overlapping action work best together, pose to pose is the most efficient or comes first.

Appeal > Likeability, how it looks

Aesthetics make money!


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