15 Second Animation: Rigging and Animation Plan

Week 12

So Clare and Darcy made our gorgeous final characters! They are rigged and textured beautifully!!! Today we met up to work out how to move them and figuring out a new plan for actual animation!!

Our attic scene looks so beautiful, we’re all really proud of it!!
The textures are all there but not quite coming up at all the same time… here are some shots anyway! (Photo Credit to Yazz!!)


More Attic Shots in a later post!

Now the plan is to divide our animation tasks so that everyone has an even piece to work with.  We really want to focus on the weight within the squash and stretch of our characters, and working all together will be the best way to get consistency in our movements!

We’ve had some trouble with our little rig boyos doing strange things, but Alec has been a great extra member of the team and fixed them!! So now it’s just a matter of putting all the scenes together and rendering them!


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