15 Second Animation: MODELLING

Week 11

As a group, we worked out a plan for our project for over the Easter break. We’re each going to model little things for the attic alongside working on a “big” task each which we’ll then bring together!

Yazz has been working on the structure of the attic, Darcy is working out glass texture for lights, Holly is researching bump-mapping as a possible way to texture our objects and Clare is making the attic floor!

My job will be to make the nightclub box that our little scene centres around. Which is one of the main things our audience will see and will be in every shot of our animation itself! No pressure there!!!


box plan

I’m pretty sure this is the most unclear image in the world so the general idea is that I’m going to make it so that it’s like intersecting wood, and cut the shapes into the box without using booleans (because apparently, Maya hates that). I plan then to texture the outside with an image I’ll draw (kids space drawings), which I’ll UV map onto the surfaces of the box!



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