15 Second Animation: Holding a Story, setting the vision.

Week 9 Sem 2

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The story teller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come” – Steve Jobs (1994)

So it’s crucial that our animation has a strong story to it in order to connect an audience. Conánn said that our animation must be the “suggestion of a bigger plot”, short and sweet but with much more story substance underlying that could be built upon. The tip of the iceberg! The module is called New Narratives after all, and we’ve been talking a lot in class about the differences between terms like Narrative and story and delving deeper into all these things.

I love storytelling, I love books. (I don’t necessarily love film.. but I’m learning to!)
Bringing stories to life is definitely the whole reason I’m here, so to say I find it important would be a personal understatement!

I found this fantastic TEDTalk by Shekar Kapur, called “We Are the Stories We Tell Ourselves”, it’s all about bringing what’s personal into the stories we tell. If there’s nothing of us within the bones of what we create, what’s the point of creating? Yes it’s for someone else, but it’s also for us, what makes this industry less about money and more about artistry is the reverence that must be held for personal involvement within the stories we tell.

As Jodi Picoult said and many like her, “Everyone has a book in them”.



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