15 Second Animation: Research


We’ve taken our inspiration for our piece from a variety of different sources, and we’re all fairly in agreement when it comes to the look/feel that we’d like the animation to have.


These concept pieces from Laika’s Boxtrolls are by concept artist Michel Breton. We discussed how we really liked the aesthetic for Boxtrolls and wanted to incorporate this feel into the animation. boxtrolls

We’d like our box to exist among and attic of forgotten things, and Boxtrolls has a really lovely take on dark and light which makes the movie look almost as if it’s on a stage!

Toys In The Attic (2009) is another one to reference. It’s a Czech-French-Japanese-Slovak primarily stop-motion film that I came across a little while ago, which IS for kids, but is actually insanely creepy in the way that stop-motion just happens to be without meaning to be. VIEW TRAILER HERE but seriously you won’t sleep.

toys in the attic

Still from “Toys In The Attic” (2009)

We’re also making reference to Netflix’ animation retelling of “The Little Prince”, and originally French story with multiple forms of animation within it. In The Little Prince there is an attic which we’d like to take inspiration from for our own attic design (I couldn’t get any pictures to show example of).


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