15 Second Animation Assignment: IDEATION

Week 8 Sem 2

Over the next few posts I’ll discuss where we are at with our current project: Create a 15 Second animation that evokes a feeling !


So before anything, myself, Holly, Darcy, Clare and Yazz all took to thinking hard about what we wanted our animation to be about. The feel, environment and message that we wanted to evoke with our little project. Yuan has been giving us a firmer grasp on the idea of film form and genre. Thinking of the reason WHY.

So we have gone down the route of something fairly light-hearted and cute. We dabbled in the idea of a comedy, so there’s humour in the idea also. Something childlike and nostalgic.


The story we’re going with is to be titled “Fitting In” and it surrounds the idea of those educational children’s toys that teach basic shapes:


The box will serve as a nightclub for all the little shapes! With music booming from it and lights coming out of the shapes to complete the atmosphere.

Our main character will be a cube/cuboid shaped little fellow who is friends with a gang of cylinders. (A triangle bouncer has been suggested complete with sunglasses and tie, proving to be a fan favourite) The little cuboid is happily queueing with his friends for the entrance (which is circular) only to find that upon trying to enter, he can’t fit! When he sadly moves to walk away, feeling different and left out, his cylinder friends push open the top of the lid and whistle him over. Delighted little cuboid then happily joins the rest of the shapes!

We wanted to think of the implicit meaning behind our idea, which we suppose is ~ find your own way to fit in ~ . We didn’t want it to be a case of the cuboid just finding his appropriate shape to enter on the box as that insinuates that you belong with your own kind or something, a terrible message! So it’s a much sweeter idea if the cylinders refuse to leave out their cuboid friend, no matter his shape!


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