Pompeii Project: Final Outcome! Presentation Completion and Reflection

Week 7


So Pompeii has been completed, and what a task it has been! I am so proud of my team and had the best time working with them. I feel as though we all pulled together and our outcome really shows how much work we put in!

I’m actually feeling really proud of my whole class in general today, there was not one Floating City that I didn’t adore and it’s really great to have a day to just watch and showcase the work of my incredibly talented classmates!! Everyone was so supportive of each other during this project too. It was our first time really experimenting with a full 3D outcome and so many members of the class did not hesitate to help each other with Maya or any of the software we used, or to give opinions and feedback on how our projects looked or what could be changed. I think that’s a really special thing to have within our lovely little class network.
Lydia and Bradley deserve honourable mentions, as aside from working on their own floating cities they still went out of their way to help us by offering tutorials and Lydia helped massively with rendering!! You guys are the real mvps

I think as a group we each mutually felt that Pompeii had all of the aspects we wanted and evoked all the feeling that we wanted it to. Go team!! Viva Pompei! 


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