Pompeii Project: Week 6, Finishing Touches…

Or alternatively titled, that one time myself and Clare stayed in uni for 16 hours straight and definitely lost our proverbial minds…

Week… I’m not even sure.. what age am I

So myself and Clare spent far too much of this fine day editing the final outcome of Pompeii and bringing the project to completion! Things did not go entirely to plan at first, but we’re really happy with the outcome and we’re all feeling pretty smug!

Our final render at 720p looks really stunning and realistically is probably the ideal quality for our piece seeing as our scenes should look more like dusty ruins anyway rather than crisp clean lines. (We also didn’t have time for the 1080p rendering process, but also that first thing I said too, that works,)

Editing to create our final video was actually pretty fun! That is, as soon as myself and Clare got our heads around the true bafflement that is iMovie. Which boasts it’s own simplicity yet didn’t seem to possess the simplest of features unless you knew where to find them. Rude.

So Clare’s sister Megan was able to generously provide us with a wonderfully eerie piece to go alongside our Pompeii outcome, and we were massively inspired to create a really chilling element at the end of the project. We decided to add an element of pulling, glitchy distortion at the end of the Pompeii montage, which starts just as the camera pulls out from a poignantly sad yet hauntingly spiritual scene. The camera, alongside our beautifully creepy soundtrack, draws back and forth towards Vesuvius, as if pulled by the volcano’s god-like power and emphasises it’s majestic control over the lost city.

As a group, we had previously discussed the reverence that we wanted to give to personify Vesuvius. I had felt during my time in Naples and Pompei that there really was an odd sense of respect from the people of Naples when it came to talking about the volcano, even though it could erupt and destroy their beautiful Cities at any time, prompted only by the forces and fates of Nature. It reminded me of the motif of God-fearing in traditional religious terms, where respect for God went hand in hand with an obsessive and controlling fear of God. We wanted to capture this power and control, and we chose to do this through careful editing of our ending!

Our soundtrack is perfect, I cannot emphasise this enough! There’s just the right about of empty echoes and breathless whispers to create the sense of something that was once alive, or perhaps once human or all of these things.

I’m also slightly probably mad at this point of 24-hour-straight animation-ing. So do forgive that my already-fairly-jumbly-waffly-narrative has taken leaps and bounds into the realm of the absolute bizarre.

Next post will be final outcome, sleep is for the weak, I can see colours.



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