Pompeii Project: Week 6, Artefact Room Model

Week 6

I took on the personal task of modelling a place I found really memorable during my time in Pompeii, which was the artefact room. It isn’t a scene that is going to be included in our final outcome but was really fun to work on nonetheless!

These are my own photographs that I used as a reference, I loved this room because it was like a tomb of belongings with a poor little figure in the centre. It was just something I found memorable and wanted to do a bit of an ode to it since I had the chance to do so in 3D.

Here are the renders views!


Time was against me and since it wasn’t being used in the final scene, there wasn’t much point spending loads of time on this, so I had to abandon my little model project. However it was really fun to do and I’d like to go back and add the human and more details in the near future!


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