Pompeii Project: Rendering…and rendering… and rendering… and also final renders!

Week 6

Rendering is fear itself!! So Clare and Carla worked on rendering our first final collective for Pompeii and it turned out really amazing!! It was finished in 720p rather than 1080p because we’re concerned about the time rendering takes. (When me and Clare tried it later, the 1080p quality was threatening over 14 hours and we’ve still to get our statistics on before Monday!? So 720p will work just fine)

Here are some screenshots of what I think will be our final render:


So the camera will move through the arch and slowly through the array of ruins, and just as Vesuvius is visible in the background the scene will jump to a floating Vesuvius where the stats of the events will be displayed. We’ll also have a bit of editing work to do as we want to have something interesting happen at the end. There is also music to consider! Clare’s sister produced an amazing piece of composition that just captures the whole feel that we are trying to portray!! Exciting times for team Pompeii.


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