Pompeii Project: Week 6, Ongoing Modelling and Assembling Scene

Week 6

So as a group we’ve been experimenting with modelling and texturing our Pompeii ruins and here are a few I got the chance to make:


I’m working on finding a better texture for the second pillar but overall I really like them! The rest of the group are making some amazing looking structures, I’m really enjoying the output of the rest of my talented team and I can’t wait to see everything put together!

I’ve also been modelling Vesuvius herself but we’re having a bit of trouble creating a foggy atmosphere or even the suggestion on one.


Here’s how Vesuvius is looking. I’m not too happy with the fog on the outside but only because it won’t render as transparent the way it looks in the scene… so still working on models for now!

We want our final scene to look a bit like a mix of the two images below:


source image 1        source image 2

Myself and Clare drew out some storyboards, here’s mine:


We’re still to sort out what we’re planning for audio, but Clare’s sister Megan who is a Music Technology student could possibly compose a piece for us if she has time!


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