Pompeii Project: Deciding on our Stats and approach

Week 5

So we have decided to stay away from the Tourist stats and are probably going to incorporate a telling of events as our statistics for this project. We have also decided to focus on the eruption of Vesuvius and how many were killed etc. We weren’t sure whether to create our scene about before/after Vesuvius’ eruption but it is decided now that it will probably be directly after.

I’m pretty happy with this as I’m excited to model some Roman ruins! I feel as though if we were to do Pompeii before Vesuvius it would be a bit too much like Rome, and the most interesting aspect of Pompeii was it’s tragic demise anyway so we may as well focus on that.

We talked about how using the tourist stats, even if done in irony would seem a bit insensitive and cold for the subject matter. It would be a shame to gloss over the vital tragic events of Pompeii. We feel as though the main event so crucially central to Pompeii’s history can only be the focus and we should give it the credit it deserves!!


So our statistics are going to surround the actual destruction of Pompeii and are as follows:

Ancient Roman Ciry stretching across 160 acres
Founded 6th-7th Century BC
Destroyed 79AD
Home to around 20,000 residents
Debris ejected by Vesuvius reached 12 miles high
Buried Pompeii in ash 16 Feet deep
Pumice and ash swept across the City at 250 degrees Celcius and is believed to have been hotter than 704 degrees Celcius throughout the 24 hour period of eruption
The debris rolled through Pompeii at 70mph
Eruption lasted 24 hours
2,000 citizens believed to have died
The ash turned Pompeii into a time capsule, preserving it exactly as it was in 79AD.

Our stats are heavily inspired by this video that Carla found (see here! ) but as well as that we are planning on giving it more of a sad, ghostly feel than just an indifferent retelling of events.
The approach is to make it emotive! (and a little creepy if I can get my way)


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