Pompeii Project: Week 3, Planning

Week 3

So the group met this week to discuss everything we’ve been interested in about Pompeii in order to get a plan together for our floating output. The ideas tossed around were really exciting!

We’re torn at the minute for whether we want to represent Pompeii before or after the Volcanic eruption, and we’re also torn on whether we want to show an eerie, ghostly sense of the City or something that is ironic and toys with the money making Tourist industry that surrounds the site in present day. But we have lots of ideas to chose from!

We particularly liked the tourism idea, and it was one which everyone contributed to. We all agreed that it was both amusing yet alarming that such a tragic event is having googly-eyes glued onto it and sold for an average of 10 Euros to mildly sympathetic Tourists. We thought of showing this irony by portraying Pompeii as the ghostly tragic ruins that it is at present day, but upon fully zooming out, the distant murmur of tourists can be heard and the scene is actually revealed to be within an “ashglobe” a play on snowglobe.



I think if we did go down the route of the Tourism/ashglobe idea we’d need to focus on Tourism statistics so I found a few on Pompeii’s official website Soprintendenza Pompei:stats1stats2Stats3


The website is in Italian, but the top chart shows visitor statistics and their appropriate years between 2000-2016 and the lower charts are diagrams of the Vesuvian Archaeological sites in general since 2009. The top brown curve shows the visitor flow around Vesuvius itself and the blue second curve shows Pompeii (the rest shows Herculaneum and other effected sites).


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