Floating City Project: Week 3, Introduction, Pompeii

Week 3

So we’ve been given our first assignment for the and Visualisation aspect of the course, and the task is to create a “floating” representation of Belfast that displays statistics of the city in an interesting way. In order words “In groups gather statistical & cultural data on Belfast.  Based on your statistics and research, design 3D representations with motion graphics annotating the data represented.”

I’m working with Carla, Clare and Jessica and we all thought it would be interesting to expand our research into a City that wasn’t so close to home. We talked to Alec about this and he said that would be fine as long as there was plenty of statistics to work with! Myself and Jess had discussed how lovely it would be to do an Italian City, but this seems to be the go-to alternate City for this project (Many seemed to have done Rome and people in the class were already thinking of Venice) so ancient Pompeii was suggested!

When the group meet up we threw a couple of ideas around, Clare suggested it would be visually interesting if we could display statistics that could “turn to dust” which would be brilliant, but I’m concerned about the reality of making that happen on Maya. We also talked about the irony in tourism within Pompeii, taking a tragedy and turning it to “tat”, which sounds very cynical and unforgiving but is an interesting observation on the production of souvenirs of Pompeii. It will be really interesting to build on and explore this ideas!


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