New Narratives: Rough Group Schematic Plan and discussion of an artefact.


I go away for the next few days with my family, so I’ve been worried about what that’ll mean it terms of working with my group on this project. The boys are working on and tweaking our rough whiteboard schematic which will be finalised over the next few days/into next week. The plot of Gun Crazy isn’t that complicated so it’s been relatively straightforward.

I’ve offered to work on creating character profiles for each of the main characters while I’m away. So I’m going to look at appropriate art styles for the genre and see what I can do. Quite looking forward to it actually!
I’m keen to do something stylised and minimal that will go with the genre of the film and the look we want for our assignment pieces.

Today we got thinking about what would be possible to make for our artefact. We had a lot of ideas but we all agreed that the aim was something original and hopefully unique. We discussed a briefcase or types of posters, but weren’t too excited by those ideas. Some of us asked a few of the second years what they did for their artefacts, but they were all so varied! It was hard to think of a new idea without copying something cool from last year.

On the topic of Wanted Posters and Maps/tickets, when we were tossing ideas around, we had the idea of putting together a police case board! (I think Ryan suggested it) We began imagining the one that would have been used to track down Bart and Laurie at the peak of their crimes. It would include lots of makeshift props from the movie like Bart’s Gun, Laurie’s dropped scarf, as well as other things like a map with red twine and fake photos! Jessica offered to get a cork board to pin loads of these things together, and although it sounds kind of hard, I think we agreed that this could be a really effective interactive snapshot from the movie!


Image Source Image Source


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