New Narratives: Introduction to Assignment 2


1: Create a Schematic (Philip Campbell Style Totem) an explorable study that clearly maps the narrative arcs & structures of primary and secondary characters within a given film.

Understand their relationship to the plot! (think of what they are doing when they are NOT on screen)

2: Create an artefact based on research develop a physical group output inspired by the given film.

Our movie is GUN CRAZY (1950) which I have never heard of.

A SCHEMATIC diagram is the collection of information narrowed down into simple symbols like a system. Graphically displayed rather than realistically. Wikipedia explains that the intended use of a schematic is to omit details that are not relevant to the information and to simplify those that are. It seems to be all about condensing loads of information into easy to digest images and these are then neatly ordered into a diagram.

We were advised to look immediately at Philip Campbell’s schematic for The Godfather, the massive image of which can be seen HERE.

On Campbells portfolio surrounding the work he did on this, there was a vast amount of really useful pieces that simplify the plot-heavy movie. Like this map and design concept below.


Reference: Phil Campbell’s website >> link <<

Also Wikipedia referred to this Transit map: [image source]

Just thinking about all these cleverly intertwined and overlapping plot facets and symbols is making my very un-mathematical brain cry, but I love the idea of laying out all the details into a big visual like this.


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