New Naratives: Vogler Presentation & Reflection


So the presentation is complete! I gave myself the personal test of trying not to rely as severely on cue-cards for this presentation, we were told this can make you more nervous and I really feel like it did during the last presentations! So I tried my best to load my head with knowledge and understanding of these chapters in order to present it conversationally, and I was really proud of myself!! I did end up taking the cue-cards due to a last minute feeling of sweet-jesus-what-if-I-forget-everything-and-go-blank, but I barely looked at them!

We were down one member for the presentations, which was daunting at first and made things a little harder but I think we pulled it off quite well! I was glad I made notes on all the chapters rather than just my own because that turned out incredibly useful! The boys and I each decided to do a little conversational back and forth on what we knew about Ally to cover Jessica’s chapter on her behalf, backing each other up in this way enabled us to move naturally into the rest of the presentation. I feel like it went really smoothly!


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