Week 1: Imaging and Data Visualisation

Sem 2 | Week 1

We were given the homework task to look into some examples of one or more of the following: 3D Environment/ prop artist, 3d character artist or VFX artist.

The first artist I came across was Francesca Forzoni, who’s work I found really beautiful and detailed. Particularly a personal piece she made called Steampunk Butterfly, about which the artist stated:

“I was craving to build a dense modelling scene and after some research decided I would try a steampunk animal. I really wanted to make a feminine piece with a lot of intricate detail so I chose a butterfly and made it from golds, glass and small red stones, standing on top of a copper-feel flower inspired by the 2012 London Olympic torch.

IMAGES SOURCEbutterfly_final_3k.jpgbutterfly_final_close2_3k.jpg


I love the intricacy and delicacy of this butterfly piece, the detail that has been put into this for such an amazing result is truly inspiring.

She also worked on a piece called Mount St. Helens, which is so breathtaking it looks exactly like a photo, but the artist assures it was fully created in Cinema4D and retouched in Photoshop. Mountain DEM model from USGS.



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