Creative Elements Reflective Review

Over the duration of this semester, I feel as though I have made definite creative and personal growth. This semester has had times in which things were very daunting, and like all things, there were aspects I enjoyed and some that I struggled with. Most importantly there were aspects of the new ways of working that worked for me, ones I thoroughly enjoyed. There were also things I found particularly difficult at the beginning of the year that I know have improved my work and I have adopted new ways of working that I am keen to take with me into the next semester and beyond.

At the start of the semester, I struggled with the new approaches to working that were encouraged, the main one being the ideation approach. During this period, I found myself quite lost and habitually reverting to how things were taught during my foundation year; which was very different. I also was concerned about working in teams, as this is never how I worked before and not how I thought I preferred to work. I have always worked with total independence and I like having full control of my projects, as well as for things to be explicitly planned and organised, so I was admittedly worried how/if this would affect my work.

Despite this, I tried my best to work in these new ways, and I found them very rewarding. At the start of the year,  my work felt hesitant, and it was during this time that I found aspects of other people’s work ethic really complementing my own, I was becoming more comfortable in the course and I could see that my work was beginning to relax too.

A balance of the different aspects of coursework, working part-time to keep up with the student costs and managing to get a sensible amount of sleep (and maybe the odd visit home) was a difficult balance to master, and if I’m honest with myself I don’t think I mastered it during the semester. I aim to work on time-management, to balance workload and prioritise better. Things crept up during this semester both academic and personal that I wasn’t ready for, so an emotional growth was in order too.

Comfort started to shift for me towards the end of the semester when due to an infection I couldn’t progress in the later weeks as much as I would have liked to, particularly in Maya. I had an ongoing eye infection which flared on and off during weeks 8-12. Due to this, I couldn’t apply myself to exploring and experimenting with Maya, and I couldn’t work on prolonged digital work as much as I would have liked to. In the small attempts I could make with the program, I really enjoyed playing with the new software, particularly modelling. I have never worked with MAC computers before, so the technical aspect continues to be a slow learning process for me. I am disappointed with my lack of substantial output in Maya but I have enjoyed what I have learned of it and I aim to catch up significantly and practice Maya techniques during January.

I also found a new appreciation for ideation and storyboarding during this semester. Teamwork proved that everyone has something personal to offer. I’ve loved being able to work on stories with like-minded individuals and I have learned that working in solitude has many limiting factors.

Working out of my comfort zone and taking risks in working environment was a crucial element of my personal and creative growth this semester, and although it was difficult to manage time, environmental changes and health, all alongside successful drawing; I believe I have learnt a great deal and that this semester has given me an awakened mindset to approach the next semester with.


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