Creative Elements: Maya, Modelling something of your own.

Week 13

I’m finding it really hard to progress due to not having access to Maya at home, I’ve also been advised not to work digitally at all (which I’ve personally translated to, not as long as usual) But I hate excuses! so naturally I tried Maya again!!

The settings on the computers were whacky and after a modelling session I made half a bucket.


I quite like the bucket, I managed to work with bend tools, learning a bit about that and making it look like actual wooden panels all thanks to this tutorial!   I know for sure that I would definitely enjoy modelling on Maya if I had less of an eye infection and more peace to practice. The settings on this computer even though they were much better made me get stuck at the handles and I couldn’t do anymore. I’m definitely going to try this again though, because the bucket at the end of the tutorial is so nice!

I attempted my own pathetic handle using the bend technique, but it started doing funny things. The bend wouldn’t delete from history like the tutorial taught how to get rid of the other one, so the handle could only exist beside the bend and wouldn’t move to the proper place.

Cue hilarious image:


Maya continues to escape me, but I know I will enjoy it when I can properly try. In the short time I’m allowed to work digitally I’m not getting very much done, pretty frustrated with myself!!


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