Week 12: Lifedrawing, Final Class of the semester!

Week 12

Today was our final life drawing class of the semester, and we were allowed to work on one pose for most of the session! Which I feel I would have enjoyed had I not still been recovering from an on-going eye infection (though I shouldn’t really have gone in at all so regardless of the results, at least I got to try!).

Warm up sketches (30 sec-1 min):

1 minute sketches:

and finally our last sitting was the extended observation!


This week was alright, I got many a scolding from Mike because I was doing the cursed outlining again, and my drawing couldn’t keep up with the timing since I was alternating my eyes the whole time!! So I’m not really worried about the half-finished sloppiness of my stuff this week. I’ve decided this week is an anomaly!


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