Creative Elements, Week 12: Maurice Noble Presentation & Reflection

Week 12

Our presentation is complete! Conánn and Mike said that we all comfortably passed which is great news!! It was also great to see what people found interesting about their specific artists, the nature of the PechaKucha style presentations meant that there was no time to be bored, and everyone spoke so well!!

I feel as though our presentation on Maurice Noble went well. Our scripts had smooth transitions throughout the different points of the presentation that we personally chose, and everything was really relevant to each other so it felt very fluid and organised. We even improvised a conclusion which was not planned! I was really proud of my team, gonna miss working with these guys!

A minor issue occurred when the presentation slides moved on automatically every 20 seconds when we hadn’t rehearsed it that way. Timing them specifically to 20 seconds had been an idea, but last minute we had decided that it would only stress us out if the slides moved at their own timed pace. Since we had organised our speaking within 20 seconds per slide anyway, it would just put us off if the slides moved a fraction of a second faster/slower than how we were speaking, so we had cancelled the automatic slides shortly before the presentations began. However, during the presentation, the slides had developed a mind of their own! They started to move automatically halfway through the presentation, so that put me off a little personally. Only a minor issue because we recovered quite well and everything fell back into the time frame.

I think room for improvement would be that I don’t want to use cue cards for presentations in future, Conánn was right about them being restrictive and adding unnecessary nerves. They limit your breathing and make you think about reading the punctuation, and also stall communication which the audience; which only makes you more nervous! I aim for future presentations to just be as informed as possible, and try to rehearse scripts rather than having them written in front of me.


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