Week 10: Lifedrawing, hats n’ stuff

Week 10

So during this week I took really bad quality pictures of my drawings.. so please forgive these hatefully brightened photographs!!

I think my proportions came out quite well this week, especially since the poses were quite tricky! I can definitely see firm improvement in my work compared to the early weeks, still a long way to go and still making mistakes along the way, but progress is progress!

Towards the end of the session today we focused on the shoulders and heads of the models in order to correctly draw the hats that they were wearing! This was really quite hard, but trying to see the head as a cube definitely helps.

These were my first attempts, the faces are a little worse for wear but I think I managed to get the idea of looking at the head and hats as pieces of proportionate geometry and then adding the detail.

It’s really fascinating to see forms come to life through the gradual building up geometry, and seeing how they look much more technically correct than they would if you tried to draw the head and hat freehand! Drawing the head as a cube and putting the hat on in the same way, made it much easier to keep the hat to the correct scale also, so this was a really great technique; I was mildly giddy about this. I still am.



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