Creative Elements Week 10: Maya, 3 bouncing balls.

Week 10

So the limiting factors against me at the minute are an eye infection (I was wrong to ignore doctors instructions and strain it, and now I have to rest before something worse happens which I probably.. won’t do) and I’m also concerned about the fact that I can’t practice in Maya on my own while some of the other folks in the class are doing some incredibly stunning stuff with the program just by being able to have it on their devices  in their spare time. There are a few others in this situation who by the time we get into the class to practice, those who have made their mistakes and done their practising at home are becoming tutors themselves.. which isn’t fair on all parties involved.

I wish Maya wasn’t a massive RAM eater that will kill my laptop, I also wish I didn’t have an eye infection.

We had a homework to bounce three balls, a bouncy ball, a bowling ball and a tennis ball. All of which I didn’t do very well. I didn’t know we could use Conánn’s example as a base for our attempts so I started from scratch and put all the balls in the once scene and it took SO long and the graph was just a series of scribbles, and the co-ordinates were so hard to keep correct because of having them all in the same scene..
Link of said horrendous attempt.


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