Creative Elements: Week 10, Maurice Noble

Week 9

So the group have been working away all week on researching our presentation on Maurice Noble. We’ve been communicating solely through a group chat and sending each other bits and pieces of what we’re up to. Which is going really well and seems to work for the nature of this task! Now it’s time to think about organising our stuff and putting something together.

Noble’s career spanned 60 years. So during my own research I came to the conclusion that it’s pretty impossible to do the whole expanse of his work in a PechaKucha style presentation. It would hard to cover Noble’s artistic feats in 6 hours nevermind minutes, we’d never do it proper justice if we attempted that! I imagine this is an intentional challenge for us to work out as a team, so I asked Conánn what the presentation is specifically about, and he said whatever we find the most interesting, which is actually great. That means we can be really specific on a small. but really interesting part of his career!

So I suggested to the guys that we discuss and look into what we think is the most interesting/influential part of his career in an attempt to do that justice rather than just information recall about his life and work. Something that’s informative but reflective too, rather seeming like something you could read off Wikipedia. Especially since our audience is informed on the subject (an understatement if ever there was one).

It seemed like we were all doing research all over the place and not really meeting in the middle, so I was a little concerned about this and suggested perhaps that we focus solely on his work in and around the 1960’s. This period is arguably the peak of Noble’s career and where his most influential work comes from, so I thought it would be a really solid core of our presentation.

This approach was only sort-of agreed on, in the always polite, not-quite-yes-not-quite-no way that my team respond to suggestions (totally expected, naturally everyone has different interests after all). However, this was a good basis for putting our heads together rather than doing separate research! Dermott and Jack were pretty set on doing what was similar to their essay subjects; wanting to focus on Noble’s Disney work and Jack his collaboration with Chuck Jones. This worked out rather nicely because that meant I could talk about what I found interesting about his 60’s Warner Brothers Looney Tunes stuff and put that neatly in the middle. And James was happy enough to follow up with Noble’s influence, and so our presentation plan was set! A winter miracle!


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