Creative Elements Week 10: More Maya, it was all a trap!! Also Locators, and parent/child relationships.

Week 10

So the moral of bouncing balls was: do NOT animate geometry unless you absolutely have to, and I understood why this was. We have to animate the locator, (a null,) which is a not-actually-there object that tells the ball what to do. So we tell the locator what to tell the ball to do! Sounds like it doesn’t make sense, but it makes sense.

It means you can transfer any piece of geometry into a RIG which is a sequence of movement. So the object will do whatever movement the locator is told to do, and that means it’s not just a fixed piece of deformed geometry! So rather than just having one thing act out that animation, you’re animating the instructions and can apply this to any piece of geometry!

We also learnt about parent/child relationships and creating a hierarchy within the locators, and I managed to re-create the mini solar system that Conánn showed us, much faster than I expected I would!!

It seems because of the RAM on my laptop, I can’t download Maya for myself in order to practice at home and I’m quite disappointed about that. I’ve been told by those much more in the know that I am, that it would just murder my laptop, a device which I sort of require, so it’s not worth the risk. The MAC computers in the first year room are a whole different language to me and it’s hard to practice something in the social environment that our room is.. hopefully I’ll find a way around this. It would be really devastating if technology (or the lack of it) becomes a debilitating factor to my progression on this course.

Also I have an eye infection that I’ve been ignoring, and have been told to stay away from prolonged use of electronic devices that may cause eye strain!!!! Which isn’t realistic and is not going to happen sorry doctor.

EDIT: here is the solar system  another dropbox link because wordpress continues to hate video.


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