Week 9: Lifedrawing, More force poses Incorporating Real-Life poses into character design.

Week 9

Today in class the emphasis was on perspective again! We had Robert with a pole and had to think about his arms in proportion to eachother/ his chest/ feet etc, and tying that all together!

Warm up sketches! 30 Seconds


I’m getting better at thinking DRAW FORM and not DRAW OUTLINE but somehow I kind of always end up doing some sort of outline. The mind is willing but the body is weak!!

1 Minute studies (I think I peaked at photo number 5 and things went askew once more) :


Then we drew Robert as Mim! Which was hugely fun and definitely very difficult.


It was tricky to draw unrealistic cartoony proportions while keeping the idea of actual proportion in mind. Just goes to show that proportion always applies whether it’s realistic drawing or not! That was something I’ve never really thought about when it comes to drawing “cartoony”, so I really learned a lot from this lesson!! Probably my favourite so far!


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