Week 9: Lifedrawing, Madam Mim Homework

Week 9

This week was honestly one of my favourites! I really enjoyed the homework, which was to draw the character sheets of Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone (1963). Similarly to drawing Bluth’s ‘Dirk’ before, we had to get used to her design proportions. I really love how expressive she is, so I had a lot of fun with this.

We had the reference sheets below and > this youtube link < which shows the dramatic nature of her poses. I really love her design, particularly in the still poses because her movement is already so expressive and exaggerated when she’s still, you already know how quirky she will be in motion before needing to see her animated! Small thing to get excited about but regardless, character design goals!

Image may contain: drawing

No automatic alt text available.

Here are my attempts!


Mike said they weren’t bad! However, the bottom right pose I had difficulty with and the sketch to the side is Mike’s guidance on that one. With his help I understood that with a pose like that, you have to think of her leaning down as a series of consecutive forms to create her standing with depth 3 balls, head, chest then rear. So that helped and I feel like I’m always getting used to seeing the internal form framework!


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