Creative Elements: Week 8 Animatic Finished Animatic, Presentation and Reflection.

Week 8


So we finished and presented the animatic! In reflection, I think we had a satisfactory outcome for the short period of time that we had to complete it, it was an exciting challenge to take on. Though admittedly, I wasn’t too happy with the final results. It’s not all bad by any means but I feel that the animatic wasn’t telling enough of a story. The idea we had to have the character fall through the vast plane of the world didn’t visually come across as well as I had originally hoped because it didn’t show as much of the world as I thought it would. If I had worked on this animatic again with the team, I’d like to have focused more on the idea process than the construction process and spend more time thinking of a story. I also was unable to help with a lot of the construction of the animatic because I don’t have what was the chosen software, so we perhaps could have put it together something simpler that’s just as efficient, where everyone could have taken turns with the editing rather than leaving it all to 1 or 2 members! I suppose I struggled with not having very much control on the project.

I did project my own initial ideas as much as I could such as the possibility of telling a story instead of having a single shot as much as I could throughout the process, and that’s all I can do in a team environment. If they decide not to go with my ideas, I know that’s just the nature of working with a group! However, I am glad I spent time doing my own work, even if those things weren’t used in the end and I did have a great time working with this talented team! If we had more time, I know for sure we could have really pulled it together in the end.


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