Creative Elements: Maya

Week 8

This week, we were introduced to Maya for the first time! Every second year we’ve met since last year has talked about their love/hate relationship with Maya, so I’ve been ready to approach with caution.

Conánn showed us how to create the balls, make them move by key selecting frames (all with the animation tools and timeline) and also how to manipulate the graph with the graph editor. All of which I found easy to follow and I was excited to make a ball come alive!!

When we were dispersed to attempt to animate the geometry of the ball ourselves however, it became a different story. Suddenly my notes were nonsense and the thousand and one tools and buttons on Maya made the ball task a very confusing one.

However! We struggled through and it was very satisfying to see the balls bounce. I think I understand the concept of everything we were taught and it was fun to play around with the program for the first time!


Here is the DROPBOX LINK  for the bouncing balls! WordPress hates video, apparently.


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