Creative Elements: Week 7 Animatic (Nutshell World) Putting It All together.

Week 7

The final plan is going ahead, which is that the animatic will start on the outside of the world. Where the  nut character will be standing at where the walls of the nutshell meet. The sun will come around and cause the world to bloom! Then the rest will consist of one big frame built up of all the features of the world, that the character will fall through as a silhouette so that the focus is on the world itself rather than the character who is just to lead the audience’s eye.


If this makes sense it should illustrate how we’d like the animatic to look in the end! The general consensus is that since we only have 1 week, we want to have our frames be quality over quantity. We’re probably going to put it all together with iMovie which is apparently easy done (I’d like to be able to help with this but alas, PC life chose me and I know very little about macs)


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