Creative Elements: Week 7 Animatic (Nutshell World)

Week 7

We have decided on an idea!! The guys were really keen on incorporating some intense perspective shots that will show off different angles of the world, and hopefully the whole environment of the world in all it’s beauty and splendour.

We’re still working things out but I think the general accepted idea is one huge, detailed frame showing loads of the world that a character will fall through, and bloom into a beautiful flower at the end!
I think the character will be the little nut guy, and he’ll be on the outside of the world’s crust. When the sun meets the line that holds the nut together (like a walnut) the little character will fall through the whole world and spiral through the different realms, showing off all corners of the world.

The jobs have been decided and James wanted to draw out the big frame showing off the world, the only person for the job really as he’s so great with perspective! I wanted to be involved with that frame too so I offered to colour the linework. It’s going to mostly be made out of intertwining tree shapes and vines so I drew some sketches that I imagine the character will fall through while I wait to be able to colour the finished piece!


(This bottom one is a perspective from the ground if that isn’t clear, it looks like just scribbles.)


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