Creative Elements: Week 7 Animatic (Nutshell world) Storyboard Ideas and Development

Week 7

The group are still discussing what we’d like to do for our animatic, I’ve been getting to work on some possible stories we could tell and storyboard-ing those out.
I’m still wanting to keep to the idea of the world blooming and I haven’t got a yea or nay from the gang on that one yet so I’m just going to go ahead and storyboard my own ideas, whether they get used or not.


MESSY STUFF but this was just an idea of a beginning scene, where the rhino-type tree trunk character is bursting up from the ground. Jack had a lovely idea that the light from the sun could shine through his trunk (he’s hollow!) and that brings him to life!

My next idea I storyboarded as well. It’s a long-winded story about an over-emotional nut in a blooming luscious world wondering will he ever bloom and be luscious (an initially tragic but eventually mildly heartwarming tale).
In case this visually doesn’t come across, nut finds an unbloomed bud and climbs over to it curiously, only for that to be the very second the sun aligns with the world, and the bud bloom into some GORGEOUS plant creature. Things bloom all around nut, knocking him off the tree and onto the ground where he can only look up at all the beauty.
He cries like any dejected nut would and most definitely has the function to do so, only to find his tears cause all these buds to grow from him! Eventually, a colossal flower erupts from him which can be seen as the tallest and most beautiful in the Nutshell world in the final zoom out frame looking onto the world.

So effectively the ugly duckling, but with less swans and more unhappy nutshells.


I’m not sure if this OSCAR WORTHY MATERIAL will be used because my group didn’t seem to want to have the animatic tell a story, but I’m having a great time anyway.
Silly storytelling is the best storytelling.



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