Week 7: Lifedrawing, Movement

Week 7

This week we studied the fluidity of movement in a form, trying to capture a still figure in a way that has life and expression to it. Mike talked about drawing the form as if it’s still in motion; in a way that you could guess where the figure’s pose is going/has been.

30 sec – minute drawings

I really enjoyed this life-drawing class and felt I did pretty well with it. The technique basically involved drawing the pose first in a series of loose lines (legs/arms/curve of back etc) and then filling in the details! I feel like my drawings have a sufficient amount of movement to them and I’m excited to incorporate this technique for really lively drawing in future.

Then we worked on drawing close-ups of the head in different angles! This was really hard, but the skeleton in the room really helped. (Can we make that a new saying?)

This was a really interesting technique of drawing the head within a box to get all the angle of the head and all the proportions in the right place, almost planning it out before getting carried away in the details too quickly.

Then finally in our last exercise, we did some speed poses! Here we worked our way from a 30 second sketch (First Image Below) to a 20 second sketch (Second Image), then the rest of the drawings are 15 seconds (and boy do they look it).

A really great lesson overall, it makes me think directly of some of the approaches on dynamic life drawing by Hogarth and Force drawing series by Mattesi that Mike introduced us to in the earlier weeks! Going to further my research on these artists in reflection of this week’s class.


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