Creative Elements: Week 7 Animatic (Nutshell World) More Development

Week 7

As I said in the intro to this project, I’m looking mainly to the work of JIM KAYDANIEL LIESKE, and MARCO FERRARA for inspiration. Primarily Kay, because I feel like his illustrative work for A Monster Calls >See this previous post< , really captures the creepy, organic feel that I’d like to bring to Nutshell world, and thus into the animatic.

Here are some more concept drawings I’ve been working on!


The first drawing is heavily credited after Darcy’s work from the weeks before (though not by any means as beautifully done as her original). Using the sketches she and Beata left I tried in a linear way, to draw out the planes and depth of a typical scene in this world. The idea that everywhere you look the world could just go further and further into itself like a deep rich forest. A tricky feat when you can’t draw like Darcy and Beata!

The second piece I threw in some characters that the teams before had designed, trying to play with some scale in the scene. As a team now, we seem to quite like this little seed fella in particular. Mostly because a lot can be done with him in terms of blooming or germinating.



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