Creative Elements: Week 7 Animatic (Nutshell World)

Week 7

We worked on an animatic last year as part of introducing animation to our foundation year, and I had really enjoyed it!! It was also nice to have had the practice from the year before (even though my animatic last year was GROSSLY over the time limit and became sort of overwhelming due to that, I was still really proud of it)

SO I’m excited to do an animatic again! It will be especially interesting with a team, because last year I knew what ideas I wanted to run with and was able to get really into it because it was personal. I know that it’s trickier to apply yourself to an idea that isn’t personal, but I’m gonna try to push my ideas as much as I can because I have lots of them for this idea!!

We had a meeting where I tried to insist narrowing down goals for the final animatic and see if we could agree on aims and features that we wanted the animatic to have, but the conversation went a bit overheads (my team are lovely, so lovely that it’s hard to push a solid opinion or know how anyone really feels about the ideas.. its all very polite.).

I spoke for a good bit to those who were in the group before us, collecting their understanding and concepts of the Nutshell world. It’s my understanding that the world is literally a big strong nutshell floating around space, within which lives a really organic world, it has almost all plant features to it (including the environment and the inhabitants) and when the sun meets the crack alongside the shell of the world (it’s like a walnut) the whole world comes into bloom! Such a gorgeous idea! Not to mention the art we had to work with was simply wow, inspiring. We were very lucky to have chosen this idea.

Perspective and large vast planes were something that kept coming through in the idea bouncing, we all seemed to like the sound of that I think. I told the guys my own idea, that I really wanted to focus the animatic on showing the world coming into bloom and all the creatures pulling themselves from underground/out from tree bark or blooming in a really beautiful almost dancing ballet type thing but with a real sense of power and strength!


In this drawing I tried to capture the plant creatures pulling themselves from tree trunks, growing out and coming to life. I wanted it to be creepily like they’re being birthed (lol) and pulling away like roots pulling from the bark. It’s quite hard to see in the quality of this image but there are variations of forms splaying themselves all around the scene, draping and pulling from the foundations of the world. I imagine the movement to be human but very inhuman at the same time, familiar yet too unfamiliar all at once in a real otherworldly way.

To work out the movement of these creatures blooming, I looked a lot at the movement of dancers, particularly interpretive dance which I feel is the right amount of eerie and expressive.

So here are more blooming flower friends. I really liked how these came out and they were pretty quick studies too! I used a load of dancer pose references but generally made the proportions up. I didn’t worry about the proportions being too accurate seeing as they’re not meant to be human, and the more inhuman the shape the better. I liked using the roots as if to look like ripping muscle fibres too. Lovely creepy stuff, I quite like them.


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