Week 6

Final 15

(There’s actually somewhere around 18 but shh)

Here are my chosen 15 photos that I feel best execute perspective! I don’t have a professional camera, so I had to make-do with my phone and I hope the desired effect was achieved. But I was really happy with the result!

I was possibly having a hard time getting my head around the idea of perspective, I kept confusing it with depth of field and then wasn’t able to differentiate my photos from which of those titles I thought they were!

But I think I got there in the end, my most notable few were the likes of the Castlewellan redwoods, which I took by physically lying on the ground and looking up at them (dog was very perturbed, shout out to Mylo for being so patient and having possibly the most frustrating few walks of his young life).

So here are my perspective photos in no particular order! At least “perspective” as far as I personally define the word.

Not even perspective but an honourable mention:cropped-pupper-2.png


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