Week 6: Lifedrawing, Rob versus Chair

Week 6

Today we were opened up to the idea of drawing natural form with something manmade, aka combining our S & C curves that fit organic forms with the straight lines of manmade objects.
It was a lot of fun actually, we basically had to draw Robert in a chair but really think about the correct perspective and how the form interacts with the object.

If you can see here, we started by drawing the chair first with the lines all properly parallel to eachother. Then we added Robert in after showing his interaction with the chair.

Here were some longer studies (I think 3 minutes?) The more difficult poses I found harder based on the time, because I wanted to spend a lot of time observing the positioning in order to capture the right perspective, but time was of the essence; so a lot of these were probably more along the lines of 2 minute drawings.




In our last few minutes of class we took a whole 15 minutes to capture the chair and the model, the last one is my 15-minute drawing. I’m really impressed with how it came out!! I feel like I learned a lot this week in terms of a character’s relationship with the objects around it.


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