Creative Elements: Week 5 COLOUR

Week 5

The task for this week was to really think about the colour scheme of our worlds, keeping in mind the air/atmosphere and how these things would differ depending on the world.
We are also thinking about warm & cool colour schemes, how to achieve them and how they create a particular feel/effect.

As far as I understand, mushroom world has 2 environments to it, a cold barren desert-type plane and a warm, rich one. I find it hard to pick a colour pallete and stick to it, I tend to get carried away adding any colour at all without considering tone, but I really wanted to grow from this task and try working with warmth and warmth alone!

warmthcolor season (design seeds):

I found these images (source|source) on Pinterest, and I have seen lots of images like this where the scene is broken down into 5 or so colours that make up the majority of the scene. I particularly liked this set of colours and felt it would really work well with the haze-like inviting warmth that I want to convey in mushroom world.

Using one of my own photo studies of mushrooms and paying really close attention to tone/lighting, I worked on this piece. It took a very long time, basically most of the week, but I am so happy with the result. I think I followed the palettes that I chose really well, sticking strictly to the colours and I really took my time in incorporating all the colours to almost every aspect of the composition.




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