Creative Elements: Week 5 (Life drawing) Head angle research

Week 5

Ryan put up a really helpful post on the UUB Animation Facebook today that seems incredibly relevant to the later end of our life drawing lesson! (edit: Mike confirmed this is definitely relevant)

Here, Mathias Zamęcki, a concept artist, gave himself the task of practicing sketching skulls in different angles while using cubes as an outlined guide. I don’t think I have enough skills in the technique to even so much as attempt this, but given a few more life drawing classes I definitely plan to in the future!!
(Artist quote in reflection to the work above)”Another mind melting exercise I done recently. Turning skulls in perspective by multiplying cubes. I used only two references(above), by measuring proportion I could dissect cube to inscribe skull in right size and perspective. This is little bit time consuming but I think in long run it will give me more freedom and maybe some Kim Jung gi superpowers.”

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