Creative Elements: Mushroom World, Presentation & Tone Take 2

Week 5

So today we presented our work on tone and the guys have produced some really beautiful stuff!

We talked about our aim for this world. Which was to leave the development of Mushroom world exactly how the last group left it, to let ourselves really focus on what we’d like our light source(s) to be.

Jack had this great idea to incorporate what other movies had done before, with organic beings creating their own light source. The above gif is from Guardians of The Galaxy and was the use of bioluminescent spores.
Lydia’s pinterest provided the inspiration to stick with a bioluminescent, possibly neon light source that the mushrooms produce themselves.

Mushroom Forest by *Niksibaksen on DeviantArt (source)

This piece had particularly struck a cord with me and I really wanted to use a mix of different light sources because I liked both the spore idea and the mushrooms providing their own light source like the work above. SO I played around with a few of these things.

ATTEMPT NO. 1mushrooms
Here was the first contribution that I was relatively happy with. I wanted to use the moon first to just practice bouncing light off the mushroom lids, and I tried to incorporate a subtle lighting underneath the lids of the mushrooms to test the waters of the self-lighting idea. I wasn’t too keen on this one because throwing the moon in as a light source is very earthy and not too imaginative, but the other guys liked it! So I thought I would put it here.

Here I tried to incorporate just the bioluminescent, mushrooms-providing-their-own-light idea and I’m not sure if it came across that well. I get the feeling that it just ended up having too many light sources going on at once and being overworked and too bright.. the eye of the viewer doesn’t know where to look!

This was my final lighting/tonal piece, where basically said to heck with it, and threw every lighting idea we had together and I actually really like this one!
I kept the moon, kept the self-luminance (but toned it down slightly) and added the spores, and even though there’s a lot of light going on at once, I do like the overall effect.

I felt like keeping the moon as a watchful gaze did pull the idea further back to mirroring earth, but the spores provided a way to juxtapose an earthy world with one more magical and otherworldly. Plus I decided that the moon may not necessarily even be our moon, maybe it’s a fungal moon and the spores are from the moon itself; maybe the moon is some form of funghi overlord that omits spores? The possibilities are limitless.

In reflection, I really enjoyed the work we did this week. Playing with light/tone  and seeing how other artists play around with light/tone.

Also, the work that my teammates did is frankly too good to not show off here, so here are some of the other mushroom tonal pieces!




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