Creative Elements: Mushroom World Research

Week 4

Jordan Buckner
These tonal concepts and studies by Buckner are so awe-inducing, they’ve got such a ghostly atmosphere to them!! i love how the depth is created from a mixture of defined and really impressionistic areas of the scene.

Image result for tonal concept art

Buckner is one of many concept artists I’ve found that similarly use thumbnails before making any kind of serious final piece:

“It’s part of the process that is of huge value because it gets all my awful ideas out before I put any real time into the work. It’s quick and eye opening. It stops me from being boring and makes me less precious about my ideas. Many of these thumbnails are often messy blobs and smudges, but they read as forms and allow me to make decisions.” – Buckner (source)

I’m really encouraged by the use of this technique because I’ve been attempting a few mushroom tonal scenes and trying to layer up the planes of colour just ends up looking crowded and confusing. I need to incorporate much more simplified planning and use blocks of colour to simply suggest the lighting before adding any kind of detail.

Here is an example of Buckner’s more refined pieces after the thumbnail process and selecting a scene to add detail to. So beautiful!! I’m really excited to try this, hopefully it will ease my apparent cycle of over-thinking and getting stalled when it comes to visualising and capturing a scene from my head!!


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