Tonal Research!! Mushroom world

“Prepare to Boards! Creating Story and Animation Features and shorts” by Nancy Beiman

Beiman, N. (2007) Prepare to board!: Creating story and characters for animation features and shorts. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science.
In-text citations:

  • (Beiman, 2007)


I found some interesting information on using tone for storyboards in this book by Beiman.


The author discusses a lot of what NOT to do when it comes to creating storyboards and concepts when working only with tone. I found this super helpful as it can hard to see what you’re doing wrong when learning how to make stories and images READ in the way you want them to. This book narrates that in a really simple, easy to visualise way and I really learned a lot from the parts of it that google books would let me read!

Also in class, Conánn and Mike talked about the initial use of silhouette when creating characters, to really breakdown pose and form in stages. Trying to capture what the character or thing is doing in a blank single colour before adding any detail. This way the expression of the character happens in the pose and entire form of the character rather than just on the face. I found this a great new way for me to approach character design, and in the research I did further on this, I found that many artists think this way too!!! Definitely planning to incorporate this.


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