Creative Elements: Mushroom World Research

Week 5

I’ve been researching different ways in which concept artists get their heads around planning and really initial capturing of environment scenes. The example below by David Watchmann I found really interesting. Here he uses really loose, rough suggestions of scenes to first capture the tone of the image, and therefore the depth before any detail. I really liked this technique.

I really liked these and thought they were relevant to the way we’ve recently been taught to work. Capturing the feel and form of the composition and perspective rather than getting bogged down with details right away.

Watchmann also has great colour studies that I’m going to link here to use when it’s colour week!

These tonal studies are by Roelof Venter and  I like the light and shadow in these and how the buzz of an atmosphere is really clear. This is also a really simple suggestion of a scene and I would like to incorporate this without the heavy use of outline because I’ve been trying to steer away from that in order to focus more on form.


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